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simplify YOUR content creation PROCESS with expert-led AI trainingS & resources!

What is AI Content School?

AI Content School is a monthly membership program that offers exclusive access to our growing 'family' of exclusive, specialized AI Chatbots, Hundreds of industry-specific AI Prompts, Interactive Hands-on Training Sessions, Comprehensive Courses, and a Vibrant Community of over 100 Entrepreneurs and AI Enthusiasts!

AI Content is Perfect for:

  • Health and Fitness Coaches & Experts: Effortlessly create customized fitness and nutrition plans, enhancing client results and increasing retention!

  • Relationship Coaches & Experts: Easily create highly customized courses, workshops and masterclasses, increasing client engagement and loyalty.

  • Financial Coaches & Experts: Easily create engaging, informative financial newsletters, blog posts & social media content that's easily understandable attracts new clients.

  • Personal Growth Coaches & Experts: Develop interactive tools & quizzes that support and track personal growth milestones & adapts to individual goals.

What's included:

  • Three 60 Minute Zoom Trainings Every Month

  • Our Exclusive ChatGPT Chat Bots!

  • Unlimited Replay Access to Trainings

  • Our Growing Library of AI Content Courses

  • Exclusive Community & Facebook Group Chat

  • A Growing Library of Hundreds AI Prompts and Resources

The world of AI and ChatGPT is ever-evolving, with new advancements and tools emerging every day.

Keeping up can be overwhelming—that’s where AI Content School steps in.

I do the heavy lifting: researching, testing, and reviewing the latest AI developments so you can focus on what you do best—serving your clients!

Join AI Content School today and transform your approach to content creation with the power of AI. Simplify your processes, enhance your output, and keep your business at the cutting edge!

meet our chatbot family!

Each bot is designed to be a powerhouse in its specialty, ensuring you achieve the best results with efficiency and ease. Dive into the future of content creation with our diverse and skilled bot family!



Crystal optimizes ALL OF your digital marketing efforts.



M.A.X crafts compelling copy for websites & emails.



S.A.M generates engaging social media content.



Super D.A.V.E assists in creating online courses, workshops and webinars.



S.T.A.R creates short form scripts for platforms like TikTok, youtube short & Instagram reels.



M.I.A helps you create yor own custom chatgpt chat bots to share and sell to your own clients!



L.E.N.A designs attractive lead magnets and digital products.



BookBot helps you author authoritative books in your field.

What Do We Cover in AI Content School?

With AI Content School, you won’t just learn about the latest in AI technology—you will understand how to apply it directly to your professional needs, seeing real-time results and improvements in your content quality and engagement immediately!

Our resources are designed to be practical, actionable, and relevant to the pressing needs of modern entrepreneurs & professionals today.

Here's some of the things you can except inside the program:

Brand Bible Development

Establish the foundation of your brand identity with our comprehensive Brand Bible creation process. Utilize our Exclusive Chatbots, Custom AI prompts and expert training to define and articulate your brand's mission, values, vision, and unique voice.

Online Training Creation

Develop engaging online courses, workshops, masterclasses, challenges & webinars with our expert-led trainings and AI-powered prompts that guide you through every step, enhanced by recommendations for the best tools and custom chatbots to automate and optimize the process.

Content Marketing

Create and scale your content marketing efforts with our trainings, prompts and courses. Use our exclusive custom chatbots to generate ideas and craft compelling content that resonates with your audience.

E-Commerce Product Descriptions

Stand out on platforms like Shopify and Amazon with high converting product descriptions crafted through our specialized AI prompts.

Email Marketing Newsletters & Campaigns

Enhance your email marketing campaigns with AI-created content and strategies from our comprehensive replay library & courses. Use our prompts and custom chatbot recommendations to send emails that engage and convert!

Lead Magnet & Digital Product Creation

Quickly generate effective lead magnets using our exclusive Chatbots & AI prompts. Our courses and trainings will show you how to use AI to create Lead Magnets & Digital Product that attract and convert your ideal audience.

Client Journey Mapping

Map & improve client interactions at every stage with our custom chatbots & AI tool recommendations. Our trainings and prompts help you design a client journey that maximizes engagement, sales and client satisfaction!

Whether you're crafting social media posts, designing comprehensive email newsletters, or updating your website, the challenge of producing high-quality content can be daunting.

If these challenges resonate with you, you’ll find a powerful ally in AI Content School. Designed for professionals in health, wellness, relationships, finance, and personal growth, our platform transforms how you utilize AI tools like ChatGPT to elevate your business and streamline your content production.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is AI Content School?

AI Content School is a monthly membership program that offers exclusive access to our unique family of AI chatbots, industry-specific AI prompts, interactive training sessions, comprehensive courses, and a vibrant community of over 100 entrepreneurs and AI enthusiasts. It’s designed to simplify and enhance your content creation process using the power of AI.

How much does it cost to join AI Content School?

The membership is priced at $30 per month or $300 per year, with an option to cancel anytime. This fee includes full access to AI Content School and Online Biz School, providing comprehensive support and tools at an exceptional value.

What makes AI Content School stand out?

AI Content School stands out by not only keeping you updated on the latest AI advancements but also teaching you how to apply these innovations directly to your business activities. We handle the heavy lifting—researching, testing, and reviewing—so you can focus on growing your business effectively with AI.

What does the AI Content School membership include?

  • Three 60-minute live Zoom trainings every month

  • Unlimited replay access to training sessions

  • A rich library of AI content courses updated regularly

  • Exclusive access to our custom AI Chatbots

  • A dynamic community of entrepreneurs on Facebook and Group Chat

  • A comprehensive collection of AI prompts and resources

  • Membership also includes access to OnlineBizSchool.Com, providing even more resources and community support for building your online business.

Who should join AI Content School?

AI Content School is ideal for:

  • Health and Fitness Coaches & Experts

  • Relationship, Financial, and Personal Growth Coaches

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners looking to enhance their content with AI

  • Anyone interested in learning to efficiently create high-quality content that drives engagement and business growth

What unique tools and resources does AI Content School provide?

  • Digital Marketing Assistance: Optimize your digital marketing strategies with our Chatbot, Crystal.

  • Long Form and Social Media Copywriting: Enhance websites, emails, and social platforms with our Copywriting Chatbots M.A.X and S.A.M.

  • Course and Event Creation: Develop online courses and webinars with our Chatbot Super D.A.V.E.

  • Short Form Video Content: Create engaging video scripts for social media with our Chatbot S.T.A.R.

  • Custom Chatbot Creation: Design your own AI chatbots with M.I.A.

    Lead Magnet and Digital Product Design: Craft compelling digital products with our ChatbotL.E.N.A.

  • Authoritative Book Creation: Co-create books with our Chatbot BookBot to establish thought leadership.

What are the main topics covered in AI Content School?

  • Brand Bible Development

  • Online Training Creation

  • Content Marketing

  • E-commerce Product Descriptions

  • Email Marketing Newsletters & Campaigns

  • Lead Magnet & Digital Product Creation

  • Client Journey Mapping

  • and more!

What additional benefits does Online Biz School provide?

  • Online Biz School complements AI Content School by offering:

  • Bi-weekly live Zoom trainings

  • An 'Netflix' style library of online business courses

  • A community of hundreds of online entrepreneurs

  • Special discounts and offers on products and services

  • Opportunities for community features on social platforms, summits, and podcasts


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